Outdoor Misting Kits (59 Feet)

The Landrip misting system is perfect to cool off your patio, customers enjoying a meal at a restaurant, humidifying greenhouses or warehouses.

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  • POWERFUL MIST COOLING: Beat the heat with 59 feet of cool mist spray, and drop surrounding temperatures by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • COOL YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING AREAS: Attach to any structure by your patio, poolside, backyard, animal enclosure, or other outdoor area.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Using the included mounting clips, the patio misting system can be assembled and having you enjoy your backyard in just minutes.
  • DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: The outdoor misting system is designed to withstand the effects of sun and weather exposure, with UV-resistant tubing and durable brass and stainless steel nozzles.
  • PREASSEMBLED: Mist tubing and fittings are ready to go. All you need to do is connect to a garden hose and attach the mist nozzles. Note: 1)Water pressure is not less than 30psi. For outdoor use with cold water only. 2)Do not use product with a booster pump. 3)Do not use in freezing temperatures.

1 x 1/4 inch Preassembled Misting Line
1 x 3/4 Brass Faucet Connector
1 x Hose Washer
1 x Teflon Tape
1 x Brass Misting Nozzles
1 x 1/2 inch Threaded Faucet Connector
Nylon Cable Ties

1.Mount system between 8-12 ft from the ground for the optimum cooling effect. 
2.Mount and adjust nozzles at 45 degree angle to the ground and away from the covered portion of the patio. 
3.Water pressure is not less than 30psi. 
4.For outdoor use with cold water only. 
5.Do not use product with a booster pump. 
6.Do not use in freezing temperatures. 
7.When your system is not use, drain all water from your system. 
8.Periodically clean all nozzles and filters. 


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